SELEMIX®, the leading brand for light industrial coatings (LIC) from PPG, is equipping customers with a new digital tool, Product Finder, to help match their light industrial paint requirements to the perfect coating - and provide the ability to explore the Selemix product universe.

Sabrina Thomas, Brand & Communication Manager CT/ LIC for PPG Refinish EMEA, explained why Product Finder was created: “As one of the leading paint manufacturers of light industrial coatings, the Selemix product series covers varying customer needs across many markets through a complete, balanced and evolving range.

“However, we realized that due to the complexity of the LIC markets, our customers were seeking guidance to easily and quickly identify the best product(s) to match their paint requirements. With the world continuing to digitise more than ever, from the beginning it was clear to us that we would be looking for an online tool that our customers could consult anytime, anywhere and from any device.”

The Selemix EMEA Marketing team went on to translate the key questions our sales staff usually ask, to help navigate customers to the perfect product, into the Product Finder. This resulted in a tool that allows customers and prospects to set LIC specific filters to find the products that best match their requirements.

These filters include the type of substrates customers want to use the coating on, specific usages the coating needs to deliver such as high corrosion resistance or high solids, as well as finishes, application methods, product types and technologies.

“As a digital solution, Product Finder empowers customers and prospects to receive consultancy on their own and explore the products we have on offer first, before getting in contact with our Selemix sales force and technical services for more specific or advanced queries,” highlighted Ian Craig, Technical Business Development Manager CT & LIC for PPG Refinish EMEA.

Users will also be guided by a new product icon system, allowing them to quickly compare product searches for certain requirements before taking a deeper dive. Each product will have up to four icons, displaying a variety of features such as corrosion, chemical or ultraviolet resistance, process efficiency, finish, environmentally – friendly, industry-specific certificates and much more. 

Claudio Profita, LIC Segment Manager for PPG Refinish EMEA, said: “Customers want to understand the benefits of a product immediately, as well as how product alternatives differ from each other. These filters and icons provide the ability to do this in just a few short seconds, while the additional tabs help users to gain further insight into the product value proposition – assisting their decision between product alternatives and showing the potential to combine individual products into systems.”

Product Finder is available to use on our Selemix website for all devices, providing support for customers and our distributors in their daily work to pick and supply the ideal product for their projects.

Our Selemix team is not stopping there, however. Stayed tuned for more exciting Selemix developments as PPG looks to solve further technical challenges in the LIC market on behalf of our customers.