SELEMIX® Colour Picker


The SELEMIX® Colour Picker is a compact, lightweight, easy to use, wireless colour matching tool, ideal for reading the solid colour of virtually any object or surface.

Simply take a scan of the item and the Selemix Colour Picker will instantly identify the nearest Selemix solid colour and conveniently display the details on your smart device via the Selemix App. The database contains around 3,500 colours which align with the Selemix TICS Colour Box (inc. RAL and NCS colours) and each scanned colour can be stored for future reference.


The app is available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

  • iOS app is compatible with iPhone 5 and later and iPad 3rd generation or later
  • Android app for version 5.0 or later is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 and later and Nexus 5 and later





Selemix is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe, SARL.