Colour Excellence

SELEMIX® brand not only offers outstanding flexibility in its ability to paint almost any substrate, it also offers a comprehensive range of colour combinations to achieve outstanding colour accuracy covering all leading international colour standards as well as many industrial and public service colour references.

Formulations available include:undefined


• Pantone

• British Standard 4800

• NCS (Natural Colour System)


Every colour is specially formulated in all of the four major product groups – Polyurethane, Synthetic, Epoxies and Cellulose – to guarantee outstanding colour accuracy and flexibility.

This is supported by a range of innovative and leading edge colour tools including a Spectrophotometer which is an optical recognition computer eye which reads and analyses colours to generate a precise formula to improve process times.

Selemix brand colour support includes high quality colour identification swatches and a full on-line colour service, with access to thousands of key colour formulations updated 12 times a year.


Selemix is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe, SARL.