SELEMIX® System Line

Selemix System lines Meeting your industrial needs


Selemix System line is a high quality solvent-based system comprising both one and two pack technologies which are suitable for any painting or surface protection needs for the Light industrial coating market.

Combining the compact range of concentrated tinters with a wide choice of binders you are able to supply high quality and reliable paint products.
Gloss, matt, structured and brushable topcoats and primers, everything is possible with Selemix System products.

Selemix System line is designed for conventional, HVLP, airmix, airless and electrostatic spray applications, and with the addition of the brushing additive, even the touch ups by brush.

The Selemix System line offers a wide range of primers and topcoats, as well as other products like tinters, thinners and ancillaries.

With Selemix System line, you have a paint factory at your fingertips wide selection of coating solutions through an extremely compact product range.




Selemix is a registered brand of PPG Industries Europe, SARL.