SELEMIX® System Line Primer

Epoxy Primer

The Selemix Epoxy primer family offers two component solutions featuring excellent anticorrosion properties, very good adhesion to many substrates such as steel, aluminium and zinc plated steel, a smooth finish with a good final aspect, high hardness and good spray properties. Within the Epoxy primer range you can select the one that better suits your expectations: providing the appropriate balance in terms of anticorrosive performance and process efficiency.


Anticorrosive Primer

Selemix Anticorrosive primer range offers 1 component solution for fast drying, high filling power, good adhesion on ferrous and bare steel substrates and overall good anticorrosive and antirust properties.


Polyurethane Primer

Selemix Polyurethane primers provide good adhesion and corrosion protection on a variety of substrates such as aluminium, bare steel, galvanized steel and light alloys. PU primers are generally recommended for painting under low temperature conditions (5 to 15 °C) or when the end user wishes to use identical hardeners for the primer and topcoat.