SPECTROPHOTOMETER - Colour identification tool


The Selemix brand colour identification tool is the Ci61 portable spectrophotometer, the most up to date hardware advancement in colour measurement technology.

Its revolutionary design features a large, high-resolution colour display screen as well as easy-to-use navigational controls for multi-purpose measurement capability. The portable device provides fast, accurate and reliable information to help[ reduce the overall preparation time for mixed colours.

For PAINTMANAGER® software users requiring colour match accuracy, this compact, reliable device is the perfect measuring instrument for formulating solid colours, regardless of the industrial segment. Combined with PaintManager the spectrophotometer provides labour cost saving solutions driving operational efficiency.


When the job requires performance driven colour match results reach for the Ci61 hand held spectrophotometer.   


Selemix is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Europe, SARL.

PaintManager is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.