Light Industrial Paint

Light Industrial

SELEMIX® is suitable for all painting or surface protection in the light industrial marketplace.From benches and barbeques to containers and cabins we can supply a wide range of product systems tailored to suit every need.

Selemix systems specialise in the protection against corrosion whilst providing durability, colour consistency and ISO certification. Products are available in a wide range of durable colours suitable for painting a range of substrates.

Whatever your business’s paints and coatings requirements, whether you are painting shelving, bicycles, furniture, metal frames, garage doors or agricultural machinery, Selemix System is the perfect light industrial paint solution for an impeccable finish.

Products suitable for the Light Industrial Industry:

  • Selemix 1K Fast Dry Primer              7-810

  • Selemix 1K Fast Dry Topcoat            7-610

  • Selemix 2K PU Primer                      2.705.050X

  • Selemix 2K Epoxy Primer                 2.704.0400

  • Selemix 2K PU Extra Topcoat           7-512

  • Selemix 2K Direct Topcoat               7-53X

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