Glass Paint


SELEMIX® provides high quality fast drying products dedicated to the Glass industry. Selemix understands that glass paint needs to be highly robust, and well as giving excellent coverage to minimise process time in painting.

Back-painted glass is now popular in many homes and commercial buildings to give a clean, uniform and modern finish to bathrooms and offices. It helps to move light around the room and gives us an enormous choice of colours and effects to personalise any area. The finished product is easy to clean and maintain and extremely durable.


Alongside the robust qualities Selemix products have fantastic colour accuracy. The product can be matched to virtually any colour reference allowing the end customer to match the glass panels to the design of the room. Coverage can normally be achieved in 2 coats and will dry quickly giving impressive time savings in splashback or partition production.


The dried paint will give a hard finish which normally means no extra protection is needed for transit.


Customers have the option of sourcing mixed paint from their distribution partner or where appropriate a mixing scheme can be installed to enable the painter to blend colours quickly to their own requirements. This in turn speeds up production and reduces bottlenecks.

Products suitable for the Glass industry:

  • Selemix Direct Glass System    7-53X

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