Construction / Earth Moving Equipment

Construction / Earth Moving Equipment

SELEMIX® has provided high quality paint solutions for many years to the construction industry.

Construction equipment paint from Selemix is robust, fast drying and ISO 12944 certified.  Within the construction industry each product needs to be reliable, tough and with abrasion resistant finishes all of which are main features and benefits of the Selemix range.

From diggers to cranes our paint coatings are easy to apply and provide high quality protection for all construction equipment. At Selemix, our expert team of technicians provide innovative paint coating products, which helps us consistently excel in product performance and match any environmental legislation.

Products suitable for the Construction and Earth Moving industry:

  • Selemix 1K Fast Dry Primer       7-810

  • Selemix 1K Fast Dry Topcoat     7-610

  • Selemix 2K PU Primer               2.705.050X

  • Selemix 2K Epoxy Primer          2.704.0400

  • Selemix 2K PU Extra Topcoat     7-512

  • Selemix 2K Direct Topcoat         7-53X

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