Markets SELEMIX® serve

Markets Selemix serve

With an extensive range of products, Selemix has been designed to suit a wide variety of markets. The Selemix System line from PPG provides the perfect painting performance with an impeccable finish for whichever industry you operate in. These industry’s include:


Construction  / Earth Moving Equipment

Agricultural Equipment


Light Industrial

Airport Ground Support Equipment


PPG is an official supplier to many Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving market and has vast experience within the separate industries. PPG Selemix have been painting trailers, muck spreaders, diggers and plant for many years and have most colour references that will be needed in the market on offer.


Selemix offers several paint options depending on your specific requirements and we always recommend getting in touch to get the best solution possible. Factors such as painting environment, application method and corrosion resistance will all be important in deciding which products are best used, and the experts are on hand to give advice.


As an industrial metal paint Selemix is among the best on the market.


Fast drying one-pack synthetic solution:

Selemix Synthetic Primer 7-810 & Selemix Synthetic Topcoat 7-610


Highly versatile, robust and durable two-pack solution:

Selemix Epoxy Primer 7-413 & Selemix PU Topcoat 7-512


Fast one stage finish two-pack Direct to Metal solution:

Unique topcoats can be applied directly to prepared metal surface.